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Diwali Pooja Box

Diwali Pooja Box

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Riches & Rituals Diwali Pooja Box- This exclusive Diwali Pooja Box is a unique ensemble of pure ingredients that are required to ensure a comprehensive and authentic Diwali Pooja experience.
The Box includes 30+ high quality ingredients that are curated and deigned to provide a hassle-free spiritual experience. It is a one-stop solution for all your Diwali Pooja needs, making the ritual accessible and convenient for novices as well as experienced devotees.

The list of items include Agarbatti (Incense Sticks), Gangajal (Holy Ganga water), Itra (Oil Essence), Dhoop (Incense Cone), Kalava (Red Holy Thread), Janeu (White Sacred Thread), Haldi Gaanth (Whole Turmeric Root), Rui Batti (Cotton wicks- Round and Long), Shubh Labh Stickers (Auspicious Stickers), Haldi (Tumeric Powder), Roli (Kumkum/ Red Vermillion), Sindoor (Orange Vermillion), Chandan (Sandalwood Powder), Ashtagandha (Ritual Paste), Gud (Jaggery), Shahad (Honey), Akshat (Rice), Laung-Elaichi (Cloves-Cardamom), Supari (Betel Nut), Jaiphal (Whole Nutmeg), Dhaniya (Whole Coriander), Cowrie (Mollusk Shell), Gomti Chakra (Cats eye Shell), Kamal Gatta (Lotus Seeds), Kapur (Camphor), Dhaan Ka Lava (Barley Puffs), Patasha (Candied Sugar), Red Altar Cloth, Red Potli (Bag) and a Hymn Book.

Bring the concept of artful worshiping and design to your home. Immerse yourself in a soulful and undiluted spiritual experience or give the exquisite gift of prayer to your loved ones.

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